About Me

Welcome! I am Valentina Pelaez, a professional singer trained in classical music yet passionate about a variety of contemporary styles. From Opera and Art song to Colombian folklore, Jazz, Pop, and Worship music. Beyond performance, I am committed to research and vocal health. For me, these pillars are crucial in fostering authentic storytelling and physical engagement on stage. I believe that true mastery of voice extends beyond technical proficiency; it encompasses the emotional depth and connection that elevate a performance from mere notes to a captivating narrative.

My dream has two parts: sharing my voice with audiences through stories that connect across cultures and teaching aspiring singers who are passionate for music. Whether you are a dedicated listener or an eager student, I am here to explore the limitless possibilities of musical expression with you.

Projects and collaborations


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Valentina's voice is absolutely captivating. Her performances are filled with emotion and passion.
I took vocal lessons with Valentina and it was a game changer. She helped me improve my technique and confidence.